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Start-up Office Space Nottingham

Is it time for a space for your start-up business?

Searching for start up office space Nottingham? Starting your own business is a fantastic opportunity to be your own boss, explore an enterprising idea, achieve your aspirations and be the master of your destiny.

You also have the freedom to work wherever and whenever you like. All of this sounds great, in theory, but there might be a time when the big plusses of your own venture turn into turn offs. Being your own boss can also be isolating, especially if your desk for the day is in your home and the only other person you might see in the flesh is delivering a parcel…

Beyond the isolation of working from home, or a coffee shop, there are some trigger points to look out for that indicate it’s time to find a space for your business to call home.

These problems are the tell-tale signs you need a start-up office space.

Start-up business community

Wi-fi woes

Working from home or a space with shared Wi-Fi can mean your web speed is slow, or (dun dun dun) not secure. Both are a no go for running a business – a frozen screen during a call, a failed upload just before a deadline or the risk of having data stolen are all things that can cause serious headaches and make you look unprofessional.

An office space can offer security, both for your connectivity and the connection you’re given. Many spaces offer a super-fast commercial connection. For example, the Dryden Enterprise Centre at Nottingham Trent University as a minimum download speed of 55.5 Mb/s and a minimum upload speed of 125 Mb/s – that’s speedy!

Volume control

Dog’s barking, kids chattering, noisy neighbours, the bin lorry… working remotely can mean you don’t get the peace you might need to focus and collaborate. If the noise in the space you’re working is starting to impact your work then a start-up office space built for business could be the route to go.

The balance is tipping

That work life balance is more difficult to, well, balance when you’re working from home.

Noise is one factor, but distractions are another. From looking in the fridge 12 times a day to taking the opportunity to sort out the washing – sometimes working from home can present unwelcome interruptions. The balance can also shift the other way, and you can find work creeping into your home life, making the whole arrangement a grey area when you’re never truly ‘switched off’ and running the risk of burning out.

A start-up office space in Nottingham can provide a disconnect from home and could be the key to unlocking your focus.

You need to keep up appearances

From time to time, you might need to host a client, colleague, or prospect. A café might be just what you need, but it can help to build trust if you have an office space to bring them to. Better still if there’s a reception to greet them and lovely spaces to host them in.

Beyond a meeting space an address that’s clearly an office space is also helpful in making sure you appear more established.

Running out of room

Starting a business and watching it grow is an amazing achievement. If you’re growing and expanding it could mean you need space for more people to work with you. They could work remotely, but sometimes it’s good to have a space to work together. An office where you can collaborate can make your working day more effective and productive. Win!

Solo working shouldn't be isolating

What kind of space do you need?

If you’ve decided start-up business space is just what you need there are a couple of options you could consider. A start-up office space in Nottingham can be much more flexible (and affordable) than you might realise.

Flexible or hot desking

This is a workspace you can hire for a short period; it could be a day or even an hour! Flexible workspaces are great if you want to just drop in or out of a space or try something to see if it’s right for you. Many hot desks give you the same access as a long-term tenant but just for a short window so they can be a great start for a start-up.

Co-working space

A co-workspace, or shared office, is a great option for a solopreneur or founder. For this option you would typically licence a desk in a shared office. The desk is yours exclusively, but you would share the space with other businesses.

Great if you need the buzz of an office to get your productivity vibes flowing, and affordable too with start-up business space Nottingham about £225 per month, per desk, for this kind of option.

Private office

It could be that you’re ready for your own space that keeps your work under lock and key. If that’s the case a private office is what you need. Not all offices need to be huge – for a start-up business you could get a small 2-desk space to begin with and take it from there. Private start-up offices are a little more expensive, but can be well worth the investment if it means your business can flourish and thrive in a space that’s right for you.

Start up space Nottingham: Why not try the Dryden Enterprise Centre?

Start-up office space in Nottingham that’s got everything you need, along with a community of like-minded people and free business support on hand is here for you in the shape of the Dryden Enterprise Centre. A purpose-built office space with flexi-desks, co-working spaces and private offices perfect for start-ups.

If you’d like to know more, see the space or book a personal tour please get in touch. We’d love to help.

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