Dryden Enterprise Centre

Accessing the DEC during University Closure

Changes to access for members and visitors

NTU have kindly given team members an extended break over the 2021 Christmas period. This means from Monday 20th December until Tuesday 4th January 2022 the DEC will be unmanned.

Here’s what’s different for our members and what to do if any issues arise.

While the building is unmanned the automatic doors will be disabled. You will need to swipe your access pass at the door to enter the Dryden Enterprise Centre. If you don’t have your pass you won’t be able to access the building as visitor passes will be unavailable during this time.

Some rooms will be locked. We will leave The Lounge, Meeting Room 1 and Meeting Room 2 available should you need a private space. Please look after them and keep them tidy.

Spaces will be checked twice daily. NTU security will continue to monitor the DEC in person, and remotely 24/7, to keep you and the space safe.

Refer to your handbook. If you need any information most of your questions can be answered in your member handbook.

Keep it clean. Cleaning will also be reduced during the festive period. Please ensure you wash your dishes (and put them away), clear up any *ahem* debris and close the toilet doors after you’ve paid them a visit and put your rubbish in bins provided.

Close doors and windows. Make sure you lock any doors you unlock, and close any windows you open.

What to do in an emergency? The number for NTU security is printed on the back of your Membership Card.


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