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Dryden Enterprise Centre Celebrates a Year of Success

NTU Enterprise shares the roadmap for the future...

From breaking ground in late summer 2019, much of the construction was completed during lockdown and the space opened its doors to members as COVID restrictions were eased.

From design through construction, and the centre’s opening, office-based work has changed. NTU’s Enterprise team have moved with each challenge and adapted the university’s Enterprise offer, along with how people can work in the space, as the build progressed. Meaning the centre was ready and equipped to operate safely as part of the ‘new normal’ from day one.

Speaking at a celebration event to mark their first anniversary Vice-Chancellor, Professor Edward Peck said:

‘This building represents a step change for NTU and our approach to Enterprise. For over twenty years we have committed support to businesses to help them develop and grow – but more recently our ambition for this area has evolved.

A space like this gives Nottingham Trent University an extra offer to cultivate talent and empower people to use the skills and connections they gain here, and to open the door to that talent for those in our community with a business, or the spark of an idea to work with us and take their enterprises forward.’

Celebrating Success

To celebrate 12 months in the space the DEC held a day of events, including a panel hosted by BBC’s Anne Davies, where leaders from NTU and the business community shared their plans and aspirations for Enterprise. Panellists included Mike Carr, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange, Megan Powell-Vreeswijk, Head of Enterprise, and Kevin Kapezi co-founder and SEO specialist for DEC member Growthack.

The evening saw a party for DEC members to come together, network and celebrate a year as part of the enterprise community.

Community, Collaboration and Connectivity

Mike Carr, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange said:

‘The Dryden Enterprise Centre is a purpose-built space on city campus where businesses can be based, form a community, collaborate with each other, and directly connect with NTU to take advantage of the tools and expertise we offer. It’s the realisation of a vision we’ve had since I joined NTU in 2016 and a major milestone in our aspirations for Enterprise at the university.

Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) the building made use of a £9.5 million spend to create something worthy of our aspirations.’

Megan Powell-Vreeswijk, Head of Enterprise, said:

‘From an empty space last year, the building is now home to dozens of businesses and almost a hundred people work from here day to day. Feedback is positive, those who have based their businesses here have found an environment that has not only given them a modern and well-equipped space to work, but a community of like-minded people who are already working together and accessing NTU programmes to push their ideas forward.

This is a new chapter for Enterprise with NTU, but the story is far from over. Our space and programmes are expanding, shaping opportunities to work with more businesses and people – we’ve created new programmes to support growing and scale-up businesses and we’re launching beyond the city with our Enterprising Ashfield project.

It’s exciting to be part of Enterprise at NTU and great to finally come together and celebrate our success.’

Accessing Space and Programmes

For those interested in accessing space in the Dryden Enterprise Centre you can get in touch to arrange a visit or find out more details. Information on NTU Enterprise and business support programmes can be found at www.ntu.ac.uk/enterprise


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