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How to find the best serviced offices in Nottingham

The key things to look out for when hunting for a space in this amazing city.

There’s a lot to thing about if you’re looking for serviced offices in Nottingham. Here, we explain the key things to help you make the right choice, right from explaining the concept of serviced offices through to key questions you want to ask in your search.

What are serviced offices? 

Serviced offices are dedicated spaces located in one shared building with access to a variety of facilities. The building is managed by a third-party company that rents out its floors/rooms to different companies. 

Most spaces offer flexible rental plan whether it’s short or long-term and room sizes that match the specification of each organisation. In a serviced office space most things like utilities, furniture, cleaning and office staff are included – you just need to turn up and you’ve got a ready-made office all set and open for business.  

In addition to having great spaces that are ready to go and one bill that covers everything, serviced office spaces usually also include meeting rooms, collaborative workspace and hot desks where users and visitors can work when it suits them. 

Serviced offices are increasingly popular as business recognise the added flexibility they offer. Large players like WeWork are demonstrating the flexible approach enabled by serviced offices can improve productivity and well-being. 

Professionals working in Serviced offices in Nottingham

Why should you choose serviced offices in Nottingham?

Nottingham is a great place to start a business, the city is undergoing a rapid period of regeneration with a real metropolitan vibe, but with prices lower than major urban areas. There is a wealth of talent to recruit from too, with Nottingham Trent University (Times Modern University of the Year) right in the heart of the city. 

Serviced offices in Nottingham offer facilities that a traditional freehold workspace cannot. You have the option to maintain a lease on a smaller space and flex up when in-person team members or clients are on site and can make use of flexible workspace.  

While serviced office giants like WeWork are yet to offer spaces in the city, there are some key players with great facilities to look out for, including Cubo, ScaleSpace, Antenna and the Dryden Enterprise Centre.  

4 essentials to consider when choosing your space

There are way more than 5 things you need to think about when choosing an office, but here are some key points that can help you ask the right questions.  


What kind of investment do you want to make in a space? Luckily most serviced office spaces have a variety of options. For a serviced office space in Nottingham you’ll be looking at a monthly bill of around £200 to £250 for a single desk in a shared workspace. A 4-person office space would set you back around £1000 to £1500 a month. Remember to add VAT too. 

Terms and Conditions 

Before you sign on the dotted line, carefully read the terms and conditions for the space. Check the length of the lease, how easy is it for the rent to be increased, can you flex the size if you need to, what is (and is not included).  

Always ask for clarification if you need it and ask if you can make changes to any elements of the contract – the operator of the space might say ‘no’, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get! 


Nottingham is a great city, but just like any city there are different areas with different vibes. If you’re not familiar to the city, visit spaces and work from them for a day or two to get a real experience of what it’s like.  

If you prefer a more tranquil space, we’d recommend looking outside of the city centre, Nottingham University’s Sir Colin Cambell Building is a good option, but there are fewer transport links or other services within easy reach. 

If you’re keen on staying in the heart of the city, with easy access to the amenities on offer and access to talent, spaces like Cubo can tick all the boxes. Be mindful that city-centre spaces can be noisy from surrounding hustle and bustle. It’s also worth remembering that city-centre spaces are often re-purposed older buildings. 

A balance of tranquillity with the city centre a stone’s throw away can be found at the Dryden Enterprise Centre – based on NTU’s city campus it’s a short walk to the town centre but gives businesses a purpose-built serviced office space for focussed work. 


Ensure the space you choose is fit for purpose, not only should it fit with how you want to be perceived and be a space you feel comfortable spending time – it needs to work for your business too. It might seem trivial, but some office spaces cut corners on things like desks and chairs, check the quality of the furnishings and fittings. Are the desks big enough? Will the chairs be comfortable? Does the light cause glare? Is the space quiet enough for me to focus?  

Check the infrastructure of the space too, is the internet connection up to standard? Are spaces accessible for users with limited mobility? Are there induction hearing loops? Check the elements that are important to you to make sure you have the facilities you need. 

Serviced office spaces in Nottingham- which is the best? 

There are some great office spaces in Nottingham. If you’re looking for the best option (we may be biased) the Dryden Enterprise Centre should be at the top of your list. 

We offer flexible plans starting from £25 per day with access to shared workspaces and communal areas to take five, super-fast Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, screens, collaborative spaces and a tranquil modern design. 

Businesses who use the space can also access support from NTU Enterprise to help you grow and thrive.  

The Dryden Enterprise Centre is a community of ambitious entrepreneurs. If you need a home for your business, serviced offices in Nottingham are a great option. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, join us at the DEC. 


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