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Dryden Enterprise Centre Finalist at Hustle Awards 2023!

National recognition for Nottingham's newest flex workspace

We’re over the moon to share the exciting news that Dryden Enterprise Centre has been selected as a finalist at the highly anticipated Hustle Awards 2023.

The prestigious awards ceremony, set to take place in London on the 20th of July, celebrates the trailblazing efforts of founders, co-founders, and team members who have boldly disrupted industries, made a significant impact, and taken leaps of faith with their businesses.

Why it means so much to us…

Recognition of Innovation: Being named a finalist at the Hustle Awards underscores Dryden Enterprise Centre’s commitment to innovation and excellence in fostering a dynamic business community.

Trailblazing in Entrepreneurship: The awards highlight the centre’s role in supporting and empowering entrepreneurs who are disrupting the status quo, shaping the future of their industries.

Showcasing Collaborative Success: The nomination represents the collective achievements of our diverse community, where collaboration and innovation intersect to create success stories.

National Stage: The awards ceremony in London serves as a prestigious platform to shine a spotlight on Dryden Enterprise Centre and its impactful role in the entrepreneurial landscape.

What We Expect at the Awards:

As a finalist, Dryden Enterprise Centre will join a prestigious gathering of visionaries, change-makers, and disruptors from various industries. The event promises an evening filled with celebration, networking, and the recognition of those who have dared to think differently and challenge norms.

Join us!

Dryden Enterprise Centre extends gratitude to all our members, partners, and collaborators for their continuous support, contributing to our shared success and recognition at the esteemed Hustle Awards 2023. Here’s to disrupting, impacting, and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit – if you’d like to be part of our membership please get in touch to find out more.


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