DEC Connect Breakfast Networking Fuelling Connections

An opportunity to connect and network in Nottingham

Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur, or business leader in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire seeking a vibrant platform to network, connect, and share skills? Look no further! Dryden Enterprise Centre (DEC) is thrilled to introduce DEC Connect Breakfast Networking sessions—a dynamic event designed for individuals like you, eager to foster meaningful connections and exchange valuable skills.

An opportunity to connect and network in Nottingham

What to Expect

  • Meaningful Networking: DEC Connect offers a lively breakfast networking atmosphere where freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders can mingle, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations. It’s the perfect opportunity to expand your professional network and build lasting connections within the vibrant Nottingham business community.
  • Skill Sharing and Insights: The event goes beyond conventional networking. Attendees have the chance to participate in an informal skill swap, where knowledge and expertise are shared organically. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills or offer insights from your own experiences, DEC Connect provides a supportive space for skill exchange.
  • Founder-Focused Space: Founders, freelancers, and entrepreneurs will find DEC Connect to be an invaluable space to share updates about their businesses, explore collaborative opportunities, and stay informed about the latest developments in the local business landscape.

The Breakfast Experience

Join us at 8:30 am to kickstart your day with a light breakfast and your choice of a hot or cold drink. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere ensures a comfortable setting for networking and skill sharing. It’s not just about business; it’s about building a community that thrives on collaboration and mutual support.

Breakfast Networking Open To All

DEC Connect Breakfast Networking sessions are open to entrepreneurs, founders, DEC members, and the wider NTU Enterprise Membership community. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your entrepreneurial journey, everyone is welcome to be part of this engaging and supportive community.

Keep an eye out for the next event

Follow us on LinkedIn for details of the next DEC Connect Breakfast Networking session. It’s more than just a networking event; it’s an opportunity to fuel connections, collaborate, and elevate your entrepreneurial journey.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming sessions, and we look forward to welcoming you to DEC Connect—a place where meaningful connections and business growth come together over a cup of something hot and a light breakfast. See you there!

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