Nurturing Business Ventures: The Dryden Enterprise Centre Approach

Nurturing Business Ventures & Accelerating Start-Up Success at The Dryden Enterprise Centre

At the Dryden Enterprise Centre, we’re committed to supporting the journey of entrepreneurs and businesses, offering an ecosystem where innovation thrives. Through bespoke support, we aim to unlock the potential of your enterprise, providing the tools and resources necessary for growth and success.

Our partnership with Nottingham Trent University enables access to cutting-edge research, talent, and collaborative opportunities. They are designed to foster development and drive impact in the entrepreneurial community. Explore more about how we can support your business journey below.

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Connecting your enterprise with our wider community and Nottingham Trent University services

At DEC, we offer comprehensive support for business growth and innovation, adapting to every entrepreneurial phase. Our collaboration with Nottingham Trent University grants access to premier research, modern facilities, and emerging talent. We also provide targeted funding programmes to empower entrepreneurs, ensuring your venture not only starts strong but continues to flourish.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Our team provides a dynamic and supportive environment to assist start-ups and SMEs in their growth journey. NTU Enterprise offers comprehensive business plan assistance, along with training and mentoring for anyone starting or expanding their business.

Support is accessible to NTU students, graduates, and aspiring entrepreneurs with promising ideas. Whether you’re aiming to freelance or build a larger enterprise, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. For more insights, please visit the link below.

Bridging Flair & Innovation

Your enterprise can tap into a diverse array of support offerings leveraging NTU’s vast knowledge and expertise. From your initial start-up phase to scaling your operations, our assistance fosters growth through utilising academic research, forging collaborative projects, and drawing on the talent of students and graduates.

Enhance your skills, benefit from business mentoring, and participate in a variety of enterprise-related events across NTU, propelling your organisation toward success.

Accelerating Sustainable Business Development

NTU Enterprise offers a bespoke support programme for entrepreneurs and growing businesses, including students, graduates, and established SMEs, at no cost. This initiative aims to assist them in launching and expanding sustainable enterprises, leveraging NTU’s resources and network.

The programme is designed to meet the unique needs of each business, fostering innovation and growth within the entrepreneurial community. For more detailed information, follow the link below.


An Enterprise Support Hub

NTU students eager to venture into their own business, embrace freelancing, or seeking guidance from NTU Enterprise have the opportunity to collaborate with the Dryden Enterprise Centre. This collaboration offers a secure, professional environment to establish their operations, complemented by NTU’s award-winning business support.

Additionally, a variety of events including networking and training sessions are organized to facilitate connections with potential partners, suppliers, and peers, enhancing both skills and confidence. If you’re contemplating starting a business or exploring a new idea, reaching out to NTU Enterprise could be your first step towards realising your ambitions.

NTU Students & DEC Workspace Access

The Dryden Enterprise Centre, which is exclusive to business activities and NTU Enterprise collaborations, doesn’t serve as a teaching venue within the NTU campus. Access is limited to those engaged in business or supporting local enterprises through NTU Enterprise.

NTU students or post-graduates with business ideas are encouraged to explore how NTU Enterprise can assist them. Enquiries for commercial membership are welcome for those ready to join the DEC Community as a commercial entity.

The Centre is not accessible to all students and is dedicated solely to business support activities.

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