Hybrid Workspaces - Flexibility Meets Functionality

DEC flexible hot desking integrates traditional office benefits, like networking and professional resources, with additional advantages of cost efficiency, enhanced creativity from changing work environments, and the flexibility to scale up or down based on current needs, all without the constraint of long-term leases.

This approach not only supports a dynamic work culture but also promotes a balance between professional collaboration and individual freedom, making it an ideal solution for today’s diverse workforce.

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Hot Desking Nottingham FAQ's

What Kind of Access
To Flexible Workspace Will I Get?

A day flexi-pass gives you access to the building on the date of your choosing. You need to pay in advance, we can invoice you or you can pay using a credit or debit card when you arrive. When you arrive to the DEC and sign in, you’ll be given a membership pass which will give you access to the building and you’ll need to return this at the end of the day. Following that your membership will expire, and we really hope you’ll be back soon!

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What other flexible memberships are there?

You don’t have to pay for flexible membership for one day at a time. We offer a range of packages to suit you and your needs.

A 10-day flexi-pass gives you access to the building over 10 days. Like the day pass you’ll need to pay in advance, and you’ll be asked to sign in to be given your pass, but this time you’ll have 10 days (whenever you want) to use the space. You’ll need to hand your pass back once you’ve finished using the space each day. Once your 10 days are up your membership will expire. But the doors are open for when you want to come back.

Members with a full flexi-pass pay monthly via direct debit. You will have access to white desk spaces throughout the building during our office hours 5 days a week. Your access will be open while your monthly payment is taken.

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A flexible Membership & Workspace to suit your needs

Flexible office space is great for start-ups, founders, and solopreneurs who want a landing pad from time to time (or all the time) with all the great perks an office can provide and none of the baggage.

We also have flexible office memberships available to larger organisations who are adopting a hybrid working model. Ask a member of our team for more information.

Flex Lite

A flexible solution tailored for professionals, with this membership you’re granted 10 days of access throughout the year, which you can use at your convenience.


+ VAT pcm

Flex Freedom

An annual membership that grants you full flexible access, allowing you to optimise your productivity on the days you choose to work from our space.


+ VAT pcm

Flex & Co

This package is designed to offer flexible access for larger teams, enabling them to harness the full potential of a creative and dynamic working environment.


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Hot Desking Nottingham FAQ's

Can I bring guests into the DEC to use hot desks?

If you’re looking for a space to collaborate, Flexi members can sign 2 guests into the space and your guests need to act within our House Rules and your membership terms. You can meet guests informally in communal spaces, and if you need a formal meeting space you can book and hire these, subject to availability.

If you’d like guests to join you, you’re welcome to host them informally within our Front of House, and if you’d like to co-work for the day (or more!) in our flexible spaces additional passes can be purchased.

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Discover Flexible Hot Desk Space in Nottingham

The Dryden Enterprise Centre offers flexible workspaces on the first and second floors, tailored for businesses from start-up to scale-up, providing a professional ambience. These spaces are fully furnished with high-quality fixtures and sound management tools to enhance focus. Designed with neutral colours, strategic planting, and art, they’re ideal for entrepreneurs.

If you like a bit of buzz in your office, our 18-seat first-floor coworking space would be for you. Hotdesking is located at a flexible workstation with direct access to our private outdoor Deck, allowing a scene change when needed. The first floor is also home to our Enterprise Team, so you’ve got easy support access if needed.

For those who need a little more focus, the second-floor shared workspace might be right up your street. Here, flexible desks are located separately for concentrated collaboration.

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